For 42 years Uncommon Scents in the Willamette Valley in Oregon has provided the best in natural bath and body care while walking softly on the Earth. We offer cruelty-free Perfume Essences, Moisturizers, Shower Gel and Specialty Glycerin Soaps in recyclable packaging . We also feature iconic brands from around the world including Pre de Provence, Via Mercato, Badger, TerraNova, Camila, Crystalux, Naked Bee, Dresdner Essenz, Speert and Yala.

BambooDreams® Anari Jacket BambooDreams® Anari Jacket
Price: $128.00
Uncommon Sale Price: $108.80
BambooDreams® Lainey PJ Set BambooDreams® Lainey PJ Set
Price: $138.00
Uncommon Sale Price: $117.30
BambooDreams® Jasmine Dress BambooDreams® Jasmine Dress
Price: $108.00
Uncommon Sale Price: $91.80
Bamboo Ryder Sweater Tunic Bamboo Ryder Sweater Tunic
Price: $98.00
Uncommon Sale Price: $83.30